240 global science organizations affirm consensus for GMO food and crop safety

This website provides more than 275 accredited organizations that support the safety of GMOs. The site does provide an author and other articles they have written, but no other background information, which may have made him more credible. It also claims that over 2,000 scientific studies have been done proving the safety of GMOs, but when you click on it, it makes it a bit difficult to find, but it is there. The article is very brief, and it would have been better if more information was provided. However, it does provide proof of its claims. This will be useful for my website because it will back up my claims that GMOs are safe and many others believe so as well, instead of me seeming like I’m screaming alone in the dark.

600+ published safety assessments

This website provides a large amount of information. They claim that there are over 600 safety assessments completed on GMOs that clear them. They do not provide any information on an individual author, but they do give background information on the organization publishing the information itself.  It provides many sources with excerpts from those sources showing they approve of GMOs and providing access to the full sources. It also has some complicated, hard scientific data, which grants them a lot of credibility but makes the information possibly inaccessible to the common person. It ultimately proves the attempted point. This will be helpful for my website because it will provide proof that GMOs are safe and have actually been properly tested on, because the majority of anti-GMO rhetoric includes some claim that no testing has been done at all.


This website provides counterpoints to ten common criticisms, or attacks, on GMOs. This website appears the least credible of the three provided. However, the author is provided and their credentials are listed, showing education and previously written articles, books, and jobs.  The language is sophisticated but not too academic. This could be lifted up with some sources on the information listed. This will be helpful for my website because it will provide me with counter arguments to research further against the common arguments against GMOs.


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