Standing in Livestocks “Live Shadow”Moral Vegetarianism from a Very Broad Basis

This article touches on both animal cruelty in factory farms as well as being a vegetarian. Which is the main reason that it is a source of interest to me. the article discusses the various ways in which animals are mistreated and goes into depth on the lack of morality shown in these farms. From all of this, it is concluded that humans should be vegetarians which would ultimately lead to animal’s not being used and abused solely for our benefit.

This source is credible because the author cites and quotes official organizations and literature sources throughout the article. for example on page 545 he mentions the American Diet Association approves of his theory and accepts a vegetarian diet plan.

Vegetarianism is the Only Moral Diet

This article discusses something similar to the previous mentioned article in the sense that it talks about how being vegetarian is humane. People who eat meat are using a product which was once abused and mistreated in an immoral way hence making it a immoral diet. The author dives into the ways in which non-vegetarianism and animal farming are immoral and how living a vegetarian life-style would allow us to all be moral human beings and will lead to justice prevailing in the end.

This source is credible as the author cites many other professional articles and journals such as an analysis of science writer and editor Rob Dunn’s article titled “Scientific report.”

Standing in Livestock’s “Live Shadow”

This article discusses the opposing viewpoints of health benefits of vegetarianism. More so it goes into depth about the unhealthy points of meat eating and how it is the reason of unhealthy people, hungry people, and obese people. The author describes that a solution for such issues is resorting to vegetarianism and creating a more healthy world were animals are also abuse-free and treated morally.

This source is credible because the author a number of statistical analysis from other cited research and governmental associations.







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