ILA #3

Epic Meal Time Website + Epic Meal Time Youtube Page

This website that was created as the home page for the popular youtube channel Epic Meal Time. The youtube channel has over 7 million subscribers, making it the most subscribed channel that is primarily associated with food. Epic Meal Time is essential for seeing the largest and most successful youtube channel associated with food or cooking. What we can observe is the appeal of cooking and creating targeted at a new audience, men and humor lovers. The blending of epic portions, large amounts of meat and fast food ingredients, and jokes caters to an audience who might have never been interested in the food network. This source while not an authority on cooking or food is however an authority on youtube food based upon their success.

Maangchi Home Page  + Maangchi’s Youtube

Maangchi is a Korean chef on youtube who rose to success from her very traditional dishes that she taught her one million subscribers to cook. Maangchi is exceptionally unique in that all of her ingredients are what they would use in Korea. No substitutions, no americanization, this food is as authentic as you can get. It’s importance in encouraging viewers to explore ethnic ingredients and shop at asian grocery stores for real product is a hallmark to the channel’s success. Maangchi grew up in a coastal town in Korea, learning how to cook and eat traditional food as a girl. Her expertise and fine principles of cooking make her not only an authority on cooking, but also how to transition into traditional mediums such as cook books and television shows.

Daym Drops Youtube

Daymon Patterson known as Daym Drops by his subscribers is a fast food reviewer based out of Connecticut. Daym’s channel provided reviews for restaurants and restaurant gimmick items, something that had not been done one a large scale before. Restaurant reviews were generally reserved for sit down restaurants, not fast food establishments which is why I feel the source is valuable to the project. The new art of the food review has been shaped by youtube and the creators there. It is important to remember the authority of a food reviewer is tricky to gauge. The best food reviewers can give you flavor profiles even if they do not like the dish. Patterson excels at giving emotional appeals along with unbiased factual reviews.


2 responses to “ILA #3

  1. I think your topic is interesting and not very common. I would suggest that you use some sources other than just YouTube to give it more substance/ a more fleshed out analysis.


    • I’ve been struggling to find academic journals and news articles to help with the views and positions as a whole. I do appreciate the help as I’ve made an extra effort to gain credibility through more sources after receiving the input.


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