Tips for a Healthy Heart Diet

This website gives nine tips to improve your diet and lower the risk of having heart disease. I believe it is credible because it offers sufficient advice. Not only does it have the tips but there are also videos you can view. This source also gives medical references about eating healthy. WebMD also includes the definitions of the some of the medical words that they use in the article.

What causes Heart Disease?

This website brings to light the many risk factors that lead to heart disease. It also states the issues that have arose over the past years with doctors ability to recognize the role of Vitamin A and Vitamin D in protecting the heart. Towards the end of the article there is a list of sources which helps show that this website is credible. The numerous researches that the author talks about in this article also contributes to the credibility of this website. The ending of the website also ends in .org meaning its from a non-profit organization.

Heart Disease & Diet

This website is ran by the government which leads me to believe that it is credible. It states that a healthy diet is first step to reducing the risk of getting heart disease.The website also provides food recommendations for a healthier diet. There are many food measurements listed to help ensure that you get enough grains, oil, fat, and greens in your everyday meals. At the end of the article there is also a list of sources. This website is also listed as one of the databases under the USC library website.





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