Bistro In Vitro is a for-fun and semi-educational “concept” restaurant website.  It shows what a menu might potentially look like in an age where we don’t slaughter animals for meat, and instead we grow our protein into anything we want.  It has a lot of really fun and goofy recipe ideas that can really help to broaden your horizons.  For example, “celebrity cubes” is one of my favorites, along with “friendly foie gras.”  The website rates each concept recipe with a star system: 1 star means the idea is really far-fetched, and it’s not likely we’ll see it in the next few decades; 5 stars means the idea is actually pretty practical and we could see similar items on restaurant menus quickly.  But for now, there’s a reason this restaurant only exists in cyber-space.  The reason I think this will be a good website for my project is that it shows what could be possible, and what actually is possible.  The price of a synthetic burger has dropped from $250,000 to $11 in just a few years, and we’re going to start seeing novelty restaurants like this one pop up.

The second is Future Food. This is a purely educational website with a simple design intended to reach as many people as possible.  A computer in Siberia running Windows 98 could easily view this website. It covers the why, how, when, and much more on the subject of in vitro meat.  This is a great website to have for my project and is credible.

The last is another educational website, but it’s also an organization dedicated to the funding of research, and the spreading of knowledge, in the field of synthetic meat production.  New Harvest is a great website that contains much of the same information that can be found elsewhere, but presented in a more fun and engaging way.  They are a very credible source for information.


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