CH7. Persuasion or Manipulation

Scott Berinato starts out Chapter 7 with talking about “The Blurred Edge of Truth”, which refers to being totally honest when making a graph. The chapter starts out with an altercation between a boss and employee. The boss had results that made the amount of employee satisfaction change dramatically. The employee then changed the values of  the graph so they were more accurate, but the boss disagreed with the result because Tamar wanted there to be an affect or reaction when the other employees saw the graph.

Berinato then includes some of the techniques of persuasion which are: isolation, emphasis, and adding or taking away reference points, and the types of deception which are: falsification, omission, exaggeration, and equivocation. He also adds that if you do one thing or take something away, it could add or take away the experience for a reader.



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