The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project is a non-project organization founded and headed by Clint Borgen. The project focuses on raising awareness of global poverty and lobbying legislatures to help support the fight against world poverty. The website publishes many articles about how different things effect world poverty. The happened to write some on the coffee industry and how it effects so many people. The Borgen Project’s board members includes many company CEO’s, successful executives, and congressmen that looking to make an impact on poverty. I feel like they are fairly trustworthy because of the credibility of it’s members and the national and government recognition that they’ve received.

Science Direct

Science Direct is a website that puts up publications and articles done by various researchers and scholars. There are multiple articles done on poverty in the global food industry and specifically coffee. The website seems creditable because it is geared specifically towards researchers, teachers, and students, so all those involved in education and research.

Explain that Stuff

Explain that stuff is written by British science writer Chris Woodford. Chris is a graduate from Cambridge University in England and is also a published author of multiple books. He has a page written specific to explains fair trade and why it’s not always as fair and free as the average person thinks. He goes through and explains some economics and uses statistics, but also shows emotional sides by explaining how so many industries exploit people in developing countries. This all can be applies to coffee, in that it is grown almost exclusively in developing counties and companies and corporations use the “fair trade” tagline to get people to buy their products. Fair trade usually just isn’t as fair as we’re made to believe.


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