The college student appetite

My topic is about the diet of college students.


I was very impressed with this article. The information was very informative and was exactly what I was looking for when searching about my topic. The article does end with “.edu”, so I do consider this source to be credible. It also had references to credit some of the information that was within the article. I found this website useful because it referenced a study that was done at a college about the different diets of college students that lived on-campus, off-campus, and that still lived at home with their parents. I will most likely use this source in my research paper.


This article gave information to readers on “why 59% of college students are malnourished”. This article related all of the following topics together: malnutrition, academics, physical health, and emotions. It states that these things happen because of food insecurities of students. This article did not end with “.gov”, however I do believe that it is credible and will be helpful writing my paper because it came from a medical daily website.


Eating Behaviors

This is another article that caught my attention. This article was about the sting behaviors of college students. It revolved around the fact that when females feel as if they are beginning to become overweight, they will begin to start losing weight the incorrect way. Also, while trying to lose this weight the students would experience stages of depression. I think this will help my research paper because it will give the side effects of what eating unhealthy does to college students. I believe that this source is credible. The source ends with “.edu”.


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3 responses to “The college student appetite

  1. Wow what an interesting topic to write about!! I was particularly interested in your second article, Food Insecurity: Why 59% of College Students May Suffer From Malnutrition. Personally, I’d believe that college kids were eating too much! Therefore, it was interesting to see how the majority of us are actually malnourished. You can definitely touch upon the “freshman 15” and talk about how that effects college students choices in their daily lives. Awesome job!


  2. I also love your choice of topic! I think the information could be very helpful and insightful. I agree that college students don’t really have the best diet. This could be due to a variety of different factors.College students don’t always have the time or resources to eat healthy. Most of the time it is easier to go to a fast food place like ChikFilA rather than go to a food market. I like how one of your sources focuses on how girls change their eating habits in unhealthy ways to lose weight. I think that the insecurity of gaining weight is very prevalent on college campuses. However, I do not think it only affects girls. By researching this topic, I think you’ll get an understanding of why college students eat what they eat, what can universities do to help, and how students can change their habits in a healthy way.


  3. I absolutely love your choice of topic for this assignment. I think that the way students eat around campus is truly horrible but I do think that a lot of campuses realize this and are making efforts to fix it and provide healthier options. As college students we are very busy and aren’t able to access whole, organic, fresh foods as much as we would should be able to. I think by researching this topic it will gain you a better understanding of why college students eat the way that they do, why they do and how they can make changes to this. I trust that your websites are creditable because I can tell that you took your time to research some great websites and you really have some awesome ideas! I can’t wait to see what research you find!


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