The Food Marketing Institute is a site designed for food retailers and provides information on food safety, nutrition and health. Because it is designed for marketers and not necessarily consumers, it provides an insider scoop into the thought processes of retailers and headlines pertinent to understanding marketing. Approximately 1,225 food retailers are members of this site, proving their trust in the information provided. In regards to understanding how marketing of food targets specific audiences and the impact this takes on health, it’s important to evaluate both the consumer and the manufacturer’s side.

This site focuses on how retailers can market healthy foods in stores. Comparing the marketing of healthy foods versus manufactured foods is paramount to understanding the issue at hand, and tackling it head on. It’s sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is a prominent name and charity in the health field. This site will prove to be beneficial when it comes to determining a probable call to action to solve this issue.

Marketing Week is the site of a UK based marketing magazine. Despite it’s UK roots, the issues discussed on the food and drink page prove to be relevant in the United States, too. It focuses on current headlines in the marketing world, keeping readers up to date on the happenings of companies who are responsible for manufacturing some of our favorite products. This site will be important in discovering the current headlines that large food and beverage corporations are facing in regards to their marketing strategies.


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