ILA #3

Haley Helms

#1 Dietary compliance and life style of children with coeliac disease

I believe this source would be beneficial for my argument because of its abundance of facts, especially pertaining to Celiac disease and not solely the gluten free diet. It also concerns children which may play into the pathos appeal as people will have more sympathy for children suffering from the disease and will be more willing to become more informed for the child’s safety. Although the article was published in Greece and they typically maintain a different diet than the average American diet, it is still valid source and expresses the global issue that gluten intolerance has become. The authors have correspondence from a multitude of trustworthy establishments including First Department of Pediatrics and the gastroenterology unit at the children’s hospital in Athens, Greece.

#2 The Impact of a Gluten-Free Diet on adults with Coeliac Disease: Results of a National Survey

This particular source contains many shocking statistics about the average lifestyle of an adult with Celiac Disease that allows the audience to understand difficulties that would not typically be considered, such as the inability to dine in many popular restaurants. As stated in the title, this study was done nationwide so there is an abundance of people in different places, social classes, ages, etc. which proves that it does not affect only a select few, but there are many people who suffer. I also believe that it would help to prove my point because the study also showed that the doctors and dieticians require more information on the disease, as it is relatively new. It is imperative that physicians become aware and informed to properly treat patients and I think this article presented that fact very well. The author utilized sources from Celiac associations, multiple universities, and schools of Medicine which proves that proper research was done on the subject.

#3 The Gluten-Free Frenzy: Fad or Fitting?

This source gives a different appeal than the other articles I have chosen by giving personal statements and avoiding focusing solely on the dietary and medical aspects of the gluten-free diet. The author delves into the information about Celiac Disease but she offers another perspective which is the non-gluten-sensitive individual who is interested in the diet for different causes, such as weight loss or other ailments such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. The author provides lists of accommodations such as restaurants that offer a gluten-free menu and emotional support outlets for anyone struggling with the transition. She gives a more personal feel and uses average language that is not found in the medical journals. The credibility comes from her sources that include various Celiac Disease foundations and the use of a case study.


One response to “ILA #3

  1. I think your first source (Dietary compliance and lifestyle of children with Celiac disease), will be a great website to use for your project because not only is it credible, but it is very specific. I like how it relates specifically to Celiac disease and not just gluten. It will give readers a better look into how children with Celiac disease face obstacles in their daily life. Btw, I love this topic!


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