#1 Grace

This website will be useful for my topic because it talks about what the government is making farms do to keep up with food demands. It also talks about how government subsidies are flawed and a possible solution to the problem. Finally there is a section about on food economy and how food prices are affected by the market. I believe this is a credible source because of the resources it has listed at the end of the article and the facts they use to make a point. There is not just opinions there is fact to back it up.

#2 The Economist

This is a credible source because “The Economist”is a website that specializing in reporting on different economic topics such as the food market. It a current article so its statistics are relevant now, not years ago. This source will be helpful for my topic because it goes in depth on food prices and how different labels such as the term “organic” affect the price. It focuses mostly on Whole Foods, but does compare prices to other food retailers and explains why there is a difference in price.

#3 Bloomberg

This is another economic website so I believe it to be a credible source. There is a little bit of politics in this article so there may be slight bias, but not enough to skew the article. There is still enough statistical proof for what the author is saying to still make this a credible source. This source talks about subsidies and the risks of subsidies for different farms. It also talks about some past event and possible future event that could effect the food market, for example they talk about the dustbowl, so this source will be helpful to my topic.


2 responses to “ILA 3

  1. I think all of your articles are definitely credible as they come from very legitimate websites. I also think you did a very good job explaining and giving insight as to what each article pertains too.


  2. I believe your sources seem credible as well, although they may be biased. I find it interesting that you chose an article that contains political views and I think it will catch the audience’s attention.


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