Oral Health Problems in Children

            I think this website will be useful for my project because it specifically targets children and their eating habits which affects their oral health in the future years. The website does not end in .org or .edu but it is trustworthy since the website conforms to HONcode which is known for reliable information on health. The about me page on WebMD presents a list of doctors that work with the website which add to the ethos element. It’s not only one doctor giving information but rather many who work together to provide honest content. If there were to be any bias in this website, it would relate to the doctor’s specialty concerning the health issues but since they are experienced professionals, it should not affect the the information presented.

Children’s Oral Health

           I think this website is useful for my project because it offers background on the issue of tooth decay as well as a set of statistics. One thing that caught my attention through this website was that it ended in .gov which adds trustworthiness to the source. The website page was also last updated in 2014 which is approximately recent enough to be utilized for my research. There were various sources used in this website which were cited on the bottom of page releasing extra credibility to the CDC, mostly coming from published journals. If there were to be any bias within this source, it could link to an experienced dentist treating various issues and addressing the startling statistics but that should not affect the information presented.

Food Choices Can Affect Your Oral Health

           I think this website is useful for my project because it has information coming directly from a widely known brand, Colgate. The brand is known for producing oral hygiene products of various sorts and therefore know what level of nutrition is good and bad for dental health. Since the website comes from an oral hygiene brand, it is inevitable that there is bias which may affect the information presented. The website was last updated as of this year which makes the content useful and reliable. The article also has a sign of the American Dental Association on the left hand side which offers some credibility to the source since the ADA is widely known for presenting current information regarding oral health.




3 responses to “ILA 3

  1. This is a very interesting topic to pick. I believe that the information that is in the websites could be used to further educate the public. Each source makes a good point about the topic it covers.


  2. I believe your sources seem extremely reliable and that they will be able to prove your point very well. This topic is very interesting and it catches people’s attention because it is not typically thought about.


  3. I think that all of the sources you have listed are credible. I believe the first website you listed will help you write your research paper because it has a doctors point of view, even if it may seem bias.


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