gmo gmo2

My goal on one of the infographs was to prove that not all GMOs are bad, and often times GMO plants are used to be insect resistant and tolerant to the ever-changing environment. My other infograph was just to inform the public of what a GMO is and how many more crops are GMOs than not. Piktochart was not my favorite website towork with because I was not able to properly convey the idea in my head onto the website, but I did like how many different chart/graphical options there were to choose from. My favorite infographic was the chart that showed what percentage of each crop was a GMO. I found this chart to be my favorite because as I was making it, it opened my eyes to the large portion of GMO crops in the U.S. One of my least favorite things about my infographs is that I don’t know how to put all the information I wish to on there while still having it be entertaining and eye catching. I feel like both of my infographs currently are missing something, but also giving me a better idea on what I want mine to look like for my actual website.


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